School Insurance

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The school insurance includes:

School accident compensations
Surgery, obstetrics, neuropsychiatry and chest and osseous tuberculosis.
Physiotherapy, radiotherapy, cobalt therapy, radiumtherapy and artificial kidney.

Economic compensation

Compensation for a major family mishap (that is to say, death of the head of the family, ruin or bankruptcy).
Compensation for a disability derived from a school accident.
Compensation for the expenses of the funeral derived from an accident (both school and non-school accidents) and illness.

Conditions to be a beneficiary

You must:

Be under 28 years old, although the student will be covered by the school insurance during the entire year when he turns that age.

Be a Spanish student or a foreign student legally living in Spain.

Be enrolled in any of the degrees aforementioned in the previous section in Spain.

Have paid the School Insurance fee.

Prove that one year (at least) has passed since the student enrolled for the first time in any education centre of those included in this insurance.

The last requirement will not be demanded for compensation derived from a school accident, family mishap by death of the head of the family and obstetrics.

Application and request information:

The application forms must be handed over in any of the Provincial Directorate of the INSS in Madrid (Dirección Provincial de Madrid del Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social).

For further information in the INSS office nearest to your address, by phone at 91 562 55 91/ 92/ 93, or clicking here.