ESNE University Card

Class at ESNE

ESNE University Card is a smart card, issued in collaboration with Banco Santander and used to identify students, teachers and administration and services staff as members of ESNE’s university community. Besides all the typical uses of smart cards (described above), they can be linked to a Banco Santander bank account and be used as 4B Maestro Debit Cards.

Who can apply for it?

  • ESNE students enrolling for the first time in any official degree (CFGS, BA, postgraduate studies) as long as it lasts (at least) one year.
  • ESNE students enrolling for the first time in any university-specific degree (titulación propia) as long as it lasts (at least) 2 years.
  • All ESNE staff (teaching, administration and services staff)


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I lose it?
You can apply for it again at ESNE Academic Office (Secretaría Académica). If it had the 4B Maestro service, you must cancel it in any Santander office or through Superlínea. Tel.: 902.24.24.24.

How long does it takes to arrive?
It will take 40 days or more for the card to arrive from the date of application. If it is a replacement for a lost, stolen t or misplaced card, it takes over 30 days.