Master in Fashion. Applied Technology and Digital Business

Fashion: Applied Technology and Digital Business

ESNE - Escuela Universitaria de Diseño, Innovación y Tecnología offers the only Official University Master that combines Fashion Design and Digital Business.

This postgraduate degree has the approval of the Ministry of Education and is valid on an international level.

This training challenge emerges as a response to the new paradigms of the sector and to the need to train professionals who are abreast of the latest technological advances. The ever-evolving Fashion Industry is currently experiencing its fourth industrial revolution and a boom in digital marketing and e-commerce.

This new reality requires specific training such as that provided by the Master in Fashion: Applied Technologies and Digital Business, which is aimed at new technological professionals and digital entrepreneurs and endows them with managerial & leadership skills and a global vision. Design, Technology and Enterprise combined in a single degree to in order to lead this new digital era.

Language: Spanish


60 ECTS · Year 2018/19


Module 1

Fashion and New Technology | 21 ECTS


It is focused on the analysis of how new technologies have changed the Fashion landscape, both at a creative and a production level, ushering in a new reality: The Technological Era.


Analysis of the impact of technology on the Fashion Industry from the 19th century to present 3 ECTS credits

Fashion's New Calendar 3 ECTS credits

New tools applied to Fashion Design 3 ECTS credits

Virtual Design and Textile Innovation 6 ECTS credits

Virtual Modelling and Pattern Designing 6 ECTS credits


Module 2

Fashion Industry and Digital Business / 27 ECTS


These subjects have a more managerial approach, fostering the drafting and recognition of new successful business models in the Fashion sector, with a view to promoting entrepreneurship in this new digital context.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Fashion Industry 3 ECTS

Fashion Companies Direction and Management 9 ECTS credits

Fashion Marketing and Digital Business 6 ECTS

Offline and Online Fashion Communication 6 ECTS credits

The two largest Fashion markets: Retail and Luxury 3 ECTS


Module 3

External Internships | 6 ECTS


The master's internships provide professional opportunities to enter the labour market. Through immersion in the profession, students will put all their learning into practice, developing projects and acting as consultants to their host company.


Module 4

Master’s Thesis | 6 ECTS


The preparation of a report under the supervision of a tutor. After identifying a new business opportunity, students develop a company business plan incorporating innovation and technology at the service of Fashion Industry.


Modality of Instruction: On campus

Duration: 10 months / October – July

Schedule: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.


Visits to companies and International Fairs


Training outside the classroom is another key aspect which makes this Master interesting.

Interaction with top companies in the fashion industry, in order to understand the professional reality, together with visits to fairs and events, greatly complement the students’ training.


Internships and Career Opportunities


The current change faced by Fashion Industry implies the birth of new jobs with an increasingly technical profile.

Last year, some 58 per cent of companies increased their staff in the e-commerce sector, according to the last barometer by and

This report also notes that 85 per cent of new companies opt for digitalisation in the Fashion industry and immersion in new technology, and new employment opportunities are arising every day. This becomes evident in specialist professional sites of this sector, such as


— Creative Director

— IT Coordinator

— Digital Designer

— Web Manager

— Marketing Director

— E-commerce Director

— Customer Experience Manager

— Online Publisher

— Retail Manager

— Account Manager

— Showroom Manager

— Retail Marketing Manager

— Travel Retail Manager

— Product Manager

— Creative Director


Since it is an official university master, it provides access to PhD programmes, paving the way for a prospective lecturing and research career in the University sector.

ESNE has many internship agreements with companies in the sector, such as:



Student Profile


This Master is aimed at university graduates, with or without professional experience, interested in specialising in the Fashion industry and in its new business and technological context.

It will be available to those students in possession of a Bachelor's degree, or a Diploma of Architecture, Engineer, Technical Architect, Technical Engineer or Advanced Technical Diploma, recognised within the framework of the European Higher Education Area (EEES); with the possibility for complementary training modules in Fashion (6 ECTS credits) and Business and Finance (6 ECTS credits).

All students coming from universities outside the European Higher Education Area (EEES)

must submit the officially recognised academic documents according to the agreement signed by the home country.




The planning of modules responds to the development stages of a business project, and are built around the three axes in which the new professional experience in the Fashion industry is framed: technology, design and management. The contents of this master have been carefully designed to develop the skills required in this new professional environment.

Making decisions and providing leadership in Fashion companies.

Managing and handling ICT, information systems and databases in the textile industry.

Undertaking and innovating a Fashion business idea.

Designing and developing the stages of a market strategy focused on marketing and distribution of products produced thanks to technological innovation in the textile market.

Planning and developing the stages of the market strategy that must be followed to adapt a traditional textile company to the e-commerce or digital market model.

Analysing and evaluating economic and financial structures as well as business results based on the incorporation of new technologies in the design and production systems of the different business sectors of Fashion.

Designing and developing a communication plan for Fashion companies, both traditional and digital model.

Managing online communication tools for Fashion companies.

Knowing and applying the necessary procedures for the creation and development of an online fashion shop.

Assessing and synthesising the needs of incorporation of new technological and digital tools for their implementation in developing a collection or a company.

Establishing criteria of profitability and financial control to improve textile companies' business results.


Cycle of Conferences and Workshops


The master programme will have a wide cycle of lectures given by prestigious professionals working for leading companies in the industry. Their professional view and experience, imbued with the latest trends and technologies, will complement the training. In this way, the students will also hear the success stories and new challenges which are currently boosting the Fashion Industry, at first-hand. These conferences will address the following topics:






Beginning your admission process:

——Delivery of documentation: A copy of your Degree certificate or academic transcript stating the completion of the university programme/ A photocopy of the DNI or passport / Updated CV

—— Interview with the Master's Academic Director.

—— Enrolling: Once notified, the candidate can formalise the enrolment by paying the registration fee.


Technological Revolution



“Giving life to innovative ideas"

ESNE's FabLab is a workshop and research lab with state-of-the-art digital manufacturing equipment and machinery, such as 3D printers, thermoformer, laser cutter, a CNC digital machining centre,
electronics and 3D scanning workstation. Creativity is limitless.



“Design with innovative materials”

Thanks to our agreement with Material ConneXion, ESNE is the first University School to have a physical archive of materials and innovative and sustainable transformation processes. This means our students have access to the exhibition of 300 physical samples of new materials a year —selected by an international jury of experts— and to an online archive (with more than 7,000 references) which is classified in several categories and constantly enriched.

A full catalogue which enables you to incorporate cutting-edge materials into your academic and professional projects.


Shima Seiki

“Creating in a virtual way”

The Japanese technology Shima Seiki allows us to obtain a 3D virtual prototype of a fabric or garment in an avatar before its manufacturing. This process achieves savings at a production and logistics level. ESNE is the only university centre that has invested in this revolutionary program for the technical training of new professionals in the textile industry.



“Anticipating the future”

This online platform, leader in worldwide trends forecasts, lets us decode the future market and better adapt to it. It helps transform a business based not only on aesthetic trends, but also on the knowledge of consumption realities.


Academic Staff

ESNE's Master in Fashion has an academic staff equipped with extensive teaching experience. They are trained in the best national and international Fashion schools and universities and are top professionals. In addition, ESNE has recruited its own faculty, all specialists in their subjects.

Jorge Yago Meniz, Co-director

Industrial Engineer from the Comillas Pontifical University and MA in Corporate Finances.

E-commerce Director for Grupo Cortefiel.

Alberto Mora

Design Director for Springfield Man. Graduate in Design, specialist in textile and fashion design.

Bárbara Julián

Head of Design and Training for Seiki Spain. Textile Engineer.

Alberto Ramos

Expert in weft knitting design, pattern designing and 3D virtual simulation of fabrics with Shima Seiki technology. Graduate in Fashion Design. MA in Corporate Image, Publicity and Identity.

María Sañudo

Graduate in Marketing and Advertising. Marketing and Communication Director for Cortefiel and Pedro del Hierro.

Patricia Rodríguez

Expert in textile technology in the manufacture of knitwear with Shima Seiki technology.

Graduate in Fashion Design from ESNE. Fashion designer.

Jorge López

Director for Desilico Labs. Specialist in image processing technologies, rendering and design tools. PhD in Computer Engineering.

Carmen Jover

Director of the Training Department and of the Research Team in Fashion and Design Management for AITEX (Instituto Tecnológico Textil). Graduate in Chemistry.

José María Álvarez

Back-end Developer for StyleSage. Graduate in Computer Science in the URJC.

Adolfo Berraquero

Founder and Director of Unstopp. MA in Design Thinking from the URJC.

María Montaña Redondo

Chairwoman of AJE Madrid. Founder and Director of Lifestyle Day. Graduate in Business Administration & Management and Marketing from the UCM.

Eva Iszoro

Specialist in experimental pattern designing and fashion designer. PhD in Architecture from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura (Madrid).

Moira Fernández

Founding member of Pin-Up de Comunicación y Moda, graduate in Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communication.

David Cabaleiro

Founding member and General Director of the Communication Agency Pin-Up Comunicación y Moda.

Graduate in Journalism from the CEU San Pablo University.

Jaime Álvarez

General Director of the consulting firm Brand Finance Spain.

PhD in Financial Economics from the UCM.

Covadonga Ríos

Designer and developer of special products for Cova Ríos. PhD in Architecture from ETSAM and Politecnico di Milano. Senior Technician Diploma in Design and Artistic Jewellery.

Rafael Conde

Expert in market studies and digital marketing data analysis.

PhD in Sociology from the University of Seville.

Rebeca Antolín

PhD in Journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid. MA in Digital Advertising and Marketing from the IE. Teacher of Information and Communication Technology at UNIR.

Amabel García

Creator of the fashion brand Amabel García and managing partner for the design studio KROSS ARQUITECTURA 3D. PhD in Architecture from the ETSAM and Advanced Degree in Fashion Design.

Ulises Mérida

Creative Director of Ulises Mérida. Designer of collections which have been featured in Mercedes Benz.

Fashion Week Madrid. MA in Fashion Design.

Paloma Suárez

Designer of collections for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid (Samsung EGO). Finalist in the Samsung Ego 2017.

Awarded with the prize “Dedal de Oro 2015”.

Graduate in Fashion Design from ESNE.

Daniel de las Heras

Worked as a designer for Zara-Inditex, DelPozo, and Miguel Marinero. MA in Contemporary Culture.

Isabel Núñez

Designer of collections for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid. Member of the Asociación Creadores de Moda de España (ACME). Graduate in Fashion Design from ESNE.

Ana Calderón

Graduate in Advertising and PR. Specialist in Fashion and Luxury Communication and in Digital Marketing.

Miryam Rodríguez

PhD in Sociology from the UCM. Teacher of "Design Fundamentals", "Sociology and Fashion Trends" and "Fashion Industry" (from ESNE's Official University Degree in Fashion Design).