Master in Fashion. Applied Technology and Digital Business

Fashion is one of the areas of activity in which Spain boasts global leadership, with luxury brands and retail chains competing with European and US multinationals.

The Master in Fashion: Applied Technologies and Digital Business focuses on three main pillars, the most basic fields of the sector for the future: design, technology and management. These areas are the main stream of future developement and growth in the fashion business and those profiles are the most demanded skills by fashion companies.

The impact of globalization and the emergence of new technologies applied to design, production and marketing, have driven the transformation of the industry and has forced companies to restructure, modify their strategies and create new job opportunities. In order to cope with the new environment in which the sector moves and new market paradigms, arises the need to educate professionals who manage the latest technology and are prepared for the challenges of advancement of a growing sector.

ESNE, a pioneer in giving university status to fashion (the first official university degree in Spain, the Bachelor in Fashion Design) have the best professionals and an very attractive network in fashion business sector.

MASTER: Master in Fashion: Applied Technologies and Digital Business
DIRECTOR: Rafael Gacía
ACADEMIC TYPE: Presential with the possibility of providing some modules in blended format
SCHEDULE:Fridays and Saturdays (always compatible with professional activity)
DURATION: 10 months.
PLACE:ESNE (Avda Alfonso XIII, 97; Madrid)