Creative Media Production. Computer Game Animation

HND Creative Media (Computer Game Animation) will immerse students in one of the most relevant and fast growing industries at an international level.

ESNE creates the best conditions to develop a comprehensive training scheme in Film and Animation, with a focus on artistic and technical aspects.

Our faculty is made up of professional teachers and academics of international standing who focus their efforts to teach the latest animation trends and techniques. ESNE students will master the subject of animation through the course curriculum which combines classical and digital 2D animation techniques with 3D film animation.

Spain is third in the European ranking of the most relevant countries in the animation industry and seventh in the world There are over 200 animation production and distribution companies in Spain that require qualified animation professionals.

The HND in Creative Media (Computer Game Animation) specialises in the development of artistic animation skills and the use of professional software, enabling the student to master subject areas such as character design, environment design and FX. Likewise, the course curriculum combines classical and digital 2D animation with 3D animation techniques which will enable students to master the art of animation.