Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design

Now more than ever, Fashion is in fashion. The creative power of the textile and clothing sector in our country has been gaining importance over the last few decades to become one of the biggest financial opportunities of our economy.

The creative talent of designers combined with the strategic vision of big companies have put the Fashion sector in the international limelight.

Aware as we were of its potential and market demand, ESNE, the University School of Design, Innovation and Technology, was the first to offer a University Degree in Fashion Design. By doing so, we established ourselves as a benchmark in the sector. Students will develop the skills necessary to deliver strong professional competencies in the different aspects that make up the Fashion industry such as dressmaking, pattern making, scaling, fashion styling, fabrics and materials, marketing and communication. Our approach combines theoretical and practice-based learning as a means of boosting students’ creative abilities and artistic sensitivity.

Experts in the Fashion Industry must possess a global understanding of the creative and productive processes of the industry. For this reason, the Degree in Fashion Design will diversify in Year 3, giving the student the opportunity to specialize in Communication or Design.

Among the events and renowned international trade fairs, etc. in which our students participate is the MFSHOW (the Madrid Fashion Week Show). This event takes place twice a year and our students take part with their own collections, which makes ESNE the only college to exhibit on the catwalk of an official fashion show.

DURATION: 4 years
DEGREE: Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design
DEGREE DENOMINATION: Graduate in Fashion Design
KNOWLEDGE AREA: Arts and Humanities
MODALITY: Presential
COORDINATOR: PhD. Carmen Martínez Trillo-Figueroa
TIMETABLE: 1º and 2º: Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 1.00 pm; 3º and 4º: Monday to Friday 3.00 pm to 8.30 pm

Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum for the Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design at ESNE, University School of Design, Innovation and Technology, a centre affiliated with Universidad Camilo José Cela (UCJC).

First Year
Fundamentals of Design (1st. sem.)6
Artistic Drawing I (Annual)12
Fashion Design I (Annual)9
Textile Technology I (Annual)9
Dressmaking and Pattern Making I (Annual)9
English 1 (2nd. sem.)6
History of Art I (2nd. sem.)6
Culture Theory (2nd. sem.)3
Subtotal ECTS: 60
Second Year
Digital Design I: Vectors (1st. sem.)6
Artistic Drawing II (1st. sem.)6
Fashion Design II (Annual)9
Textile Technology II (Annual)9
Dressmaking and Pattern Making II (Annual)9
History of Art II (1st. sem.)6
English 2 (2nd. sem.)6
Digital Design II (2nd. sem.)6
Sociology and Fashion Trends (2nd. sem.)3
Subtotal ECTS: 60
Third Year
Applied Legislation (1st. sem.)3
Fashion Design III (Annual)9
Textile Technology III (Annual)9
Dressmaking and Pattern Making III (Annual)9
Internship (Annual)15
Fashion Styling and Image (2nd. sem.)6
Digital Image Processing: Photography (1st. sem.)6
Fashion Marketing (2nd. sem.)3
Subtotal ECTS: 60
Fourth Year
Fashion Window Display (1st. sem.)3
Fashion Communication and Reviews (1st. sem.)6
Fashion Design IV (Annual)9
Textile Technology IV (Annual)9
Dressmaking and Pattern Making IV (Annual)9
Degree Final Project (Annual)18
The Fashion Industry (2nd. sem.)6
Subtotal ECTS: 60
Total ECTS in the Course Curriculum: 240 ECTS: European Nomenclature to define hours of study.

Career Opportunities

The career opportunities that a University Degree in Fashion Design will offer you are:

  • Industrial Fashion Design
  • Fast Fashion Design
  • Prêt-a-Porter Design
  • Head of Product-Buyer-Art Director positions
  • Accessories Design
  • Smart Clothing, E-textiles Design
  • Event and Catwalk Show Organisation
  • Swimwear and Corsetry Design
  • Knitwear Design
  • Childrenswear Design
  • Sportswear Design
  • Workwear Design
  • Costume Design
  • Fashion Communication
  • Mass Media