ESNE is pioneer in adapting academic programs within the area of Design, Fashion and Technology to the Bologna Process, meeting, in this manner, the needs of a demanding market of highly qualified professionals. Accordingly, our top priority is to pursue professional specialization in these different branches. In this respect, our academic programs have been developed conjointly with top companies to ensure that our academic offers closely fulfill the growing needs of the business world.

Furthermore, the training we offer is highly practical and innovative, and of course, without losing sight of the increasing rigor and demands of the academic world. Indeed, our training programs generate a high rate of employablility and entrepreneurship among our students even before they complete their studies. Perhaps, the best way to explain what ESNE is, is to mention the success our students achieve when they present their projects since their very first course in our center, or when they create their own companies, or when they win awards, or perhaps when they make their first steps towards creating their own business even before they graduate. Definitely, we give our students the skills, knowledge and opportunities to successfully compete with highly qualified professionals in the labor market.

As a result of these efforts, our students enjoy a unique and exclusive college experience while sharing their dreams with other young people with the same interests and concerns. Their stay at ESNE is an exciting adventure trip pursuing knowledge and experience in Design, Innovation and Technology; three key concepts defining the uniqueness of our University. We are an open, multidisciplinary, and modern center, whose mission themes arise from a deep belief—universities and companies must go together. Our doors are always open for you to know first hand the exciting and inspiring environment in which our students are taught.

Rafael Díaz, PhD
General Director

Rafael Díaz, PhD

PhD in Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin; He has a Master in Higher Education, and BA from the University of South Carolina in Columbia. He was the vice rector of the Technical University of Dallas in Texas for 13 years. Currently he is the General Director of ESNE, University School of Design, Innovation and Technology, a position he has held for ten years, and has been the President of the Spanish Design Observatory since 2011.In addition, Dr. Rafael Díaz has participated in numerous academic activities: “The Program on Negotiation for Senior Executives”, a program held at Harvard University; “Networking: Models and Best Practices”, Welfare to Work Partnership Conference in Chicago. Similarly, he has presented several papers at conferences and workshops on Higher Education and on Design such as “Design for Innovation: A new paradigm for growth within the creative industries in Spain” at the Second Congress of the International Network of Business and Management Magazines – INBAM 2012; and The International Role of the Community Colleges” at the Conferencia de la Asociación Mexicana Para la Educación Internacional -AMPEI- Not to forget to mention the publication of “papers” and articles for various conferences and public media.