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Around ESNE there is an ecosystem of companies and institutions who contribute to the success of our organisation. Our relationship with them has a positive impact in the lives of our university community through advising, exchange of ideas, contributions from industry professionals and authorities, projects in which our students take part, events aimed at students and public display of their own degree projects.

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The Company Campus. Our social engagement

ESNE understands the relationship between University-Company (Industry) as something vital for the professional success of its students. This is the reason why ESNE has developed an ecosystem of companies and institutions that collaborate with the Centre creating a close relationship which has impact on the life of our University community. Our strength is to give value to the high rate of employability of our graduates.

Our academic responds to the real needs of the companies that find in our graduates the necessary skills that make them new professionals. ESNE students carry entrepreneurship in their DNA.

ESNE’s initiative Entrepreneur is a space for the co-working, which acts as an incubator of projects and businesses, where students acquire competences and skills that allow them to enter the labour market with their own projects.

One of the added values of our entrepreneurs is the transversal way in which they work, creating partnerships with colleagues from their own degree, but also sharing knowledge and synergies with the students of other disciplines.

In this manner, from our University College of Design, Innovation and Technology, we create the first Center of entrepreneurship and employment for the creative industries.

Advisory Companies

advisory companies

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Strategic Companies