Apply for a visa

Non EU students who want to stay in Spain for longer than 3 months will need to check in advance with the Spanish diplomatic authorities —in their countries’ Spanish Embassy or Consulate— whether they need a student visa and how to apply for it.

A University Admission Certificate must be submitted together with the visa application form, besides the required personal documents. The University Orientation Department (Departamento de Orientación Universitaria) is responsible for the issuance of this certificate.

Health Insurance

Students from EU countries must obtain the European Health Insurance Card before travelling to Spain; this card replaced the E-128 y E-111 documents. This document will enable you to access public health centres in the same way as Spanish citizens. On the contrary, it could be more difficult to obtain once you are abroad.

Otherwise, students will compulsorily have to take out a private health insurance policy. Afterwards they should check with the mutual insurance company to know its network of healthcare facilities and clinics, where they have coverage and under which conditions.

With a private insurance policy you can go to the clinics and private health providers which have agreements with the corresponding mutual insurance Company.

In case of emergency, call 112 or 061.

Enrolment for exchange students

On arrival, the incoming student must arrange a meeting with the person responsible for academic coordination in order to check the proposed Learning Agreement. You can get the enrolment application form and the final enrolment receipt in the office of Secretaría Académica.

The student, once enrolled, can access the library and ask for a password to log on and view his enrolment data and academic records; he will be able to download material for some classes and an official ID card.

Any later change in the academic plan should be processed under the coordinator’s supervision and within the first two weeks of each trimester. Once approved, the student will need to transfer the change to a new ESNE enrollment form and to his Learning Agreement. This learning agreement must be sent to and accepted by the home university.

IMPORTANT: After any change in enrolment, exchange students MUST log in their personal sessions in order to check that the subjects and modules listed on their academic record are correct. If they are not corrected on time, subjects taken or grades achieved will not appear on their record.

Enrolment for new International Students

International Students must follow the regular University admission procedure as befits.

Students will be able to enrol at ESNE once admitted and after having presented the required official documents.

The Orientation Service will individually communicate the date and time of enrolment, besides all the necessary information for them to successfully undertake their courses in ESNE.

New students will also be informed of the different activities carried out in ESNE for international students and will be welcome to participate in them.

Residence Permit

All foreigners living in Spain are required to obtain a residence permit. The correspondent application form for all the permits described below (available on line) must be presented at the corresponding Immigration office, together with the other required documents.

Non-EU students

The TIE or Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero por estudios o investigación (Foreign Identity Card for studies or research) is the required residence permit for non-EU students studying in Spain. If their expected stay is equal to or longer than six months, they need to apply for this card before the expiry date of the student visa (issued by the Spanish Diplomatic Authorities in the applicant’s home country enabling students to enter Spain)

To apply for the Foreign Identity Card it is necessary to complete the corresponding application form and present it, with all the required documentation, at the Madrid Immigration Office (Oficina de Extranjeros de Madrid), where student cards and general cards are issued.

EU Students

The NIE or Número de Identidad de Extranjero (Foreigner’s Identity Card) is the required residence permit for EU citizens in certain activities, such as working, applying for scholarships or working in internships while studying in Spain.

To apply for the NIE, it is necessary to complete the corresponding application form and present it, with all the required documentation, at the Madrid Immigration Office (Oficina de Extranjeros de Madrid), where NIE cards are issued.

Alternatively, EU students who do not plan to perform any of the activities mentioned above while in Spain may obtain the Certificado de Registro como Residente Comunitario (Certificate of Registration as an EU resident), during their first 3 months in Spain. Currently, this document, which is faster and easier to obtain than the NIE, may be obtained at the Immigration Office, EU Department (Departamento de Comunitarios de la Oficina de Extranjeros de Madrid).