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ESNE is committed to social support in the access to University as one of the best tools in order to contribute to our society.

The scholarships and grants to study for students from ESNE, College of Design, Innovation and Technology, are considered as an instrument of excellence and indispensable social cohesion for our institution, and it is a sign of identity of what the school wants to be and how it wants to collaborate with the university community.

ESNE’s permanent commitment with the Spanish society in general, and with its students and families in particular, is settled upon awarding scholarships and study grants. These grants have annual callings and a limited scope depending on the budgetary conjectural circumstances of academic management inherent to each course.

More than €600,000 dedicated to scholarships and grants in 2016

General Basis

The scholarships and study grants are targeted to students who have already started their studies, as well as new students enrolling on University Degrees and Postgraduate studies at ESNE. These grants are provided each academic year. Non-regulated and complementary studies are excluded from the policy of scholarships and study grants.

The scholarships and study grants are awarded by ESNE’s Committee of Scholarships and Study Grants, or by the corresponding Jury, whose decisions are final. Beneficiary students can only enjoy the scholarships and grants by way of exemption on the cost of the credits registered.

The acceptance of a scholarship or study grant will not be compatible with any other.

All students who enjoy any type of Scholarship or Study Grant have to be committed to complete their studies at ESNE. The abandonment of studies for unjustified reasons may cause ESNE’s Scholarships and Study Grants Committee to claim the return of the full amount of the scholarship or aid from the beneficiary.

The following catalogue of ESNE’s Scholarships and Study Grants is constituted, including the general basis for each modality, being the specific basis those that determine the Commission or corresponding juries in each case.