1. We provide University Degrees specialized in Design and Technology which are recognized in national and European territory.
  2. Our academic programmes have been developed jointly with the most important companies of Creative and Technological Industries.
  3. All our teaching staff complies with the requirements of ANECA and many are active in the business sector.
  4. Class groups are reduced and have personalized attention, where the teacher becomes the student’s coacher.
  5. Our University Campus, located in the heart of Madrid, has the largest concentration of students in Design and has the technological and professional equipment that is used in large companies.
  6. The high employability of our University Degrees make possible that a 63% of students from ESNE become entrepreneurs and 85% are employed in the first 6 months after graduating.
  7. From first course, students present and defend their work, either individually or in groups, before an examining board, both in English and in Spanish. In this way they are prepared so to develop skills that facilitate their access to the labour market.
  8. ESNE has International bilateral agreements with international universities in order to participate in joint activities, exchanges of students and teachers, the Erasmus programme, offer double degrees and develop joint training projects for students.
  9. Our Information and Orientation for Employment Department receives a multitude of requests from companies looking for for students for training, therefore, Esne is able to offer students a wide range of possibilities to carry out curriculum and extracurricular training.
  10. We have created an innovative concept, the InHouse Lab: a technological and design laboratory where companies develop embryonic projects screening in the market together with our students and teachers. Some of the companies that have already participated in ESNE’s InHouse Lab are, Telefónica I+D, Globomedia, Wildbit Studios, RTVE, Telecor, Microsoft, Sony, IKEA, Saga Furs, or Playstation First.
  11. We have a Centre of Entrepreneurship and Employment for the Creative Industries which serves as a bridge between training and the business project of our students, a showcase so that businesses can invest in the more enterprising students.
  12. We have a group of Former Alumni whose objective is to maintain the academic and professional relationship with teachers and companies from ESNE, encourage the activities of lifelong learning and professional relationship between former alumni in order to create spaces for meeting and